Ghost Stories

by Hannah vs. The Many

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"Not many albums are as edgy, honest, beautiful, desperate, and hopeful as this one..." -

"Another assaultively brilliant album... Hannah vs. The Many are the real deal." - New York Music Daily


released November 12, 2013

vocals/guitar: Hannah Fairchild
guitar: Josh Fox
piano: Matt Healy
organ: Glen Mauser
drums: Daniel Muhlenberg
bass: Joseph Wallace

all music and lyrics by Hannah Fairchild. produced by Josh Fox at Royal Drag Studios, Brooklyn NY.


all rights reserved



Hannah vs. The Many Brooklyn, New York

"(Fairchild's)songs play out like tiny musicals - they’re dramatic, punchy, and lightly dusted with Stephen Sondheim’s lyricality ... you can hear a likeness to his dark theatre in her music."

- WNYC Soundcheck

"The key's in the name. Hannah vs The Many. Not Hannah AND The Many... You wouldn't want to be part of the "Many" Hannah Fairchild's ferociously taking down - track by track."
- Deli NYC
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Track Name: Poor Leander
And is she everything you thought she'd be, your tower jumper?
When you caught her did she thank you, or did she laugh?
Did you find her by the road side with her wrists tied
Saying "maybe" saying "please"?
Did you tell her you would keep away the devil?
Did she beg you not to leave?
Was she good to you?
Was she telling you she loved you, keeping one hand out of sight?
Bedsheet around your shoulders, scrapes on both your knees
Were you running off the roof again my broken friend?
Yeah you're flying now to save her
From the latest ivory castle that you've found.
But the second that she lets you in her window
It'll all come crashing down
Is it worth it then?
All the wishing when you're only gonna throw away your prize?
See all the pretty phantoms standing in a row
Slowly fading and shaking their sweet heads no
Yeah you're haunted as you're watching each one go
Hey dreamer, I hope you realize -
Ghost stories don't need heroes
And did you ask me to your campfire with good intentions
Cause you knew that I would never need a rescuer?
You've been using me as your diary
Writing all your prayers and secrets up and down my arms
Soon there won't be any room for mine
Are you looking for the shore now my poor Leander?
Did she kill the lights when you were only halfway there?
Track Name: All Eyes On Me
I think I left a windowledge around here somewhere...
No, you go ahead, I'll catch up
It's you and me from here on out
Cause who'd dare to follow us?
Furious in fear, your fingers tear at the receding sky
But I fly
Look at all the sorry strangers under glass
No time to think about their lives
Identical in horror
Mouths open, hands tied
I wave my greetings while I'm slipping by each storied mile
And I smile
All eyes are on me now
Think about the distance you've gone
Look back at me, twenty feet above
Too far to hear what you're praying for
What good in praying, love?
Wind burned and blinded I am finally blessing all I see
And I breathe
All eyes are on me now
Ooh, the minutes whistle past you
You have so much air-use it however you see fit
As for me, I'm not gonna plead with the sight unseen
I am gaining ground...
Track Name: Lady Of The Court
Thank God I lost you when I did
I'd hate for you to see me like this
Staggering in sandals and clinging onto restaurants
There was a promise I forgot
A couple of things I left out
And I won't be leaving here anytime soon
Blow out the candles
Blow out the candles
Blow out the candles, it isn't too late
I'm gonna be a lady of the court
Better not wait up for me
Unlikely princess in the eyes of the day old drunks
I've never been the girl whose name is in the title
The story is ending and the world just blurs away
I'm turning pages and waiting on that hero
I am a guardian of thieves
Flying on unbuttoned sleeves
Falling in the backstreets, but not for too long
I'm gonna be a lady of the court
Better not wait up for me
From now on I'll number my years in the stories I couldn't phone home
From now on I'll number my years in the parties I had to phone in
I'm told this is fun I'm having now
You call this a chance in hell?
Didn't think I had one
Not one of my banner nights
I swear I'll do better next time
In the meantime, I'm consolation
You and your hostage audience
Jokers and copycat blonds
But I got my mask on and I'm slipping out the side way
I'm gonna be a lady of the court
Better not wait up for me
So your highness, we're as separate as we're meant to be
The palace steps are empty, for a second we were
United in our twin miseries
Pretty little tragedies keep me entertained
Nobody take my hand
Nobody lead me home
Nobody lay me down...
Grace of the godless, sing me a song and say
How did I get here, how did I get here?
Kissing his feet as he strings me along
How did I get here, how did I get here?
Track Name: Nicollet
Five o clock and we're walking towards Nicollet
You in your tie dye and me in my secondhand coat
Must be old movie night
Cause I'm watching this ancient home video
Black and white and I'm not quite remembering you
Look how the world has changed
There's a place on the corner, yeah that'll be fine
Stay here and bury the moonlight
I'm making the most of my evening this time
They're calling me home come Monday
'Tearing me back to the city I've claimed
So choose your words wisely then
But there's a name you're not saying, a ghost in the room
So "Good bye and be good" is as good as I'll get
It's as I'd expected, then
Crossing yourself at my door, you've come
Seeking some quick and easy absolution
But I'm only as clean as the floors I've been kneeling on
One drink and then baby you're gone again
Should have known there was no way you'd tell me the truth
So I'll have your second round
And ambient strangers can take your place
The bartender, the whiskey soaked mother of two
Yeah, they know your life story now
The mother smokes under the heat lamps with me
The beggar on the corner calls us queens
We are neither of us the madonnas we seem
And I want you to know
You only would have had to be my shadow
This is the last time I tell you goodbye, yeah
This is the last time I tell you goodbye
The last time, the last time...
Eleven thirty and I'm turning my back on Nicollet.

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